The Beta Group was founded in 1987, in St. Louis, Missouri, by Robert (Bob) J. Benson and Tom Bugnitz, as a consulting business specializing in identifying and resolving the disconnects between business and information technology management. With a combined 35 years of experience in business information technology management, they understood that in most companies the technology managers spoke a different language than the financial executives or business managers, and in many organizations, resolution of company-wide issues was simply a compromise rather than an integrated solution to specific and real business problems. Benson and Bugnitz believed they could improve organizationsí business performance and improve the information technology departmentsí contribution to the business by bridging the cultural and process gaps between business and IT, and creating solutions that were part of, not just in support of, the businessí plans and strategies.


Today, almost 20 years later, The Beta Group is respected globally for its innovative approach to providing high-level consulting, research, and education services that help companies maximize the use of technology to better build their businesses from a financial management perspective.




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