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We Make a Contribution to Your Business

The Beta Group has worked for over twelve years in unison with our clients, to create an atmosphere of trust and understanding in every engagement.

Our strength is providing practical advice to clients on managing enterprise-wide information technology for strategic business advantage. Our expertise is our ability to simplify complex business issues and improve your business performance through wise business and IT decisions.

We do this through our capacity to listen and quickly understand your business and technical issues. We are able to make immediate connections to the most important and often complex issues. Through experience, we are able to simplify the issues and facilitate the executive management team's understanding of the issues. We then create consensus among the management group in terms of issues and solutions. The solutions, in every case, are action plans that help your organization invest in high business-return information technology, and the elimination of unnecessary technology costs.

The Beta Group's contribution to your business is reflected in business prioritization and justification of IT investment, in well-understood, linked, and effective business and IT plans, and in IT organizations focused on delivering the best business solutions.

We Get Results

To accomplish substantive results, we offer a suite of services broadly defined as:

  • consulting,
  • research, and
  • education.

We quantify our business results through a number of measurements. Our goals are to:

  • clarify IT goals
  • maximize IT profitability
  • streamline IT decision-making procedures
  • establish executive management processes
  • enable executives to move from strategy to action
  • develop IT "road map"

We Have Experience

With nearly a dozen years of experience in this field, we have worked on projects world-wide. With proven success in nearly every industry, we can make our experience work for you. Our projects have included:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Organization Assessment And Design
  • Visioning
  • Executive Counseling
  • Leadership Training
  • Boardroom Meeting Facilitation
  • Research
  • Conferences & Executive Roundtables
  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Information Systems Plans
  • IT Project Simplification
  • IT Roadmap
  • Project Prioritization
  • Resource Allocation
  • Performance Metrics Development

About Our Firm | Our Methods | Conferences | Alliances | Talk to Us
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