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Maximize the Business Impact of Technology

Founded in 1986,  The Beta Group has built its business by developing and implementing methods for helping companies produce the maximum business impact from limited IT resources and dollars. The foundation of their practice is a suite of methods called New Information Economics (NIE), which can take a business from business strategy to IT actions, and ultimately, to business results.

NIE is based on a very simple set of core principles:

  • A company should only spend money on IT that directly supports its business strategy and its operational effectiveness, and should not spend money on IT that doesnít. Period.

  • A company can control IT costs and at the same time improve ITís bottom-line impact...

  • ...by consistently and persistently selecting the best IT investments, and eliminating underperforming existing IT activities.

When a company does this, they can move from the status quo into the IT Improvement Zone , achieving higher business impact with controlled and even reduced IT costs.

As founders,
Robert J. Benson and Thomas L. Bugnitz believed that they could improve their client's measured business performance and improve the information technology organization's contribution to the business. Today, 17 years later, The Beta Group is respected globally for its innovative approach to providing high-level consulting, facilitation, and education services that help companies maximize the use of technology to better build their businesses. Its clients represent a wide range of companies, industries, and government agencies around the world, all working toward getting the biggest bang for their IT dollars.


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