Putting IT Dollars Where They Belong: Finding the Projects That Help The Business

A major consumer finance company looked at the IT application budget for the upcoming year. On the surface, life was normal. $50 million was budgeted for development and support, a modest increase over last year. But hidden in this number was a more important story. Of the $50 million, over $40 million was for "maintenance and enhancement" of existing systems. Of that, almost $30 million was for project requests originated by hands-on users and their supervisors! Clearly, there was a major disconnect between what the business strategy required, and what IT was delivering.

Senior business and IT executives must close the gap between IT Investments and business strategies. This presentation details a process for connecting IT investments directly to business initiatives, determining the business value of IT investments, prioritizing IT investments, and determining gaps where IT is not adequately addressing business needs.

Using the Information Economics process, managers can:

  • Directly involve business management in IT investment decisions
  • Develop IT investment criteria, beyond ROI, that directly connect to business issues
  • Establish a continuous process for investment analysis
  • Balance IT portfolio risk and business value

This presentation details the general process and presents a case study of Information Economics application and results.

(1 Hour. Can be expanded to a to full day workshop)

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