Getting to Action: A Simplified Approach to Integrated IT and Business Planning

Business and IT executives agree that "connecting business and IT" is critical. Most companies focus on creating IT plans driven by business (reactive planning) or stress CIO involvement in business planning. Both approaches miss a key point: IT will have the biggest impact on a company when business managers themselves explicitly include IT opportunities and initiatives in their business plans. The issue is not how to connect business and IT plans, but rather how to include IT opportunities as an integral part of the business planning process.

Rarely is IT isolated to a single business area or process. The planning process must include a way for managers to consider the impact of their plans across the organization, as well as understanding the effect of other plans on their own.

This presentation will offer a simple but effective method for developing business plans that encompass IT initiatives and opportunities, including:

  • Reviewing strategies, agendas, and progress on existing initiatives
  • Developing business/IT customer and process scenarios
  • Developing intra- and inter-organization impact statements
  • Prioritizing business and IT initiatives based on business value and impact.
  • Developing and IT Strategy Plan, which forms the foundation for business/IT technology planning.

(2 Hours. Can be expanded to a to full day workshop)

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