Turning IT into Profit: the CFO-CIO Connection

The CFO and CIO from a large insurance company are in a squeeze. The division general managers are pushing the CIO to move quickly into e-business, upgrade existing systems, and support growth in the business – plus cut his costs to them. The CFO is being pushed by the president to explain the profit potential of every investment, including IT.

Maximizing information technology’s impact on revenue and profit is vital to every company in today’s competitive e-business environment. By using tools of Alignment, Investment Analysis, and the IT Balanced Scorecard to help them increase IT’s profit performance, CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs are changing the way their companies use technology as well as improving the payback from technology.

This presentation explains the high-level concepts of these tools as an integrated view of how companies can improve ITs contribution to business results:

Alignment: Assessing how well IT and Business initiatives are connected, and how well existing IT management processes, applications, and infrastructure support the business

Investment Analysis: Determining the highest business-value IT investments, prioritizing IT resource allocation, and assessing project risk

IT Balanced Scorecard: Creating a scorecard that links IT performance measures directly to business performance measures.

(1 Hour. Can be expanded to a full-day workshop)

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